About Us

 "Why is that whenever a venture or business starts, it begins with a trio?" A triad is eternally special and has always seen to do wonders. Here at Vetas, a trio group of friends from different parts of India came together to initiate a step towards creating a sustainable environment for all of us.

With will and hope to create healthy and sustainable living for the generation yet to come, we the people of Vetas wants to put our efforts out there to have a positive environmental impact.

The plastic that has been produced 100 years back do exists now, also this realization hit us badly and created an impact on our minds. Since then we decided to promote a sustainable lifestyle keeping bamboo as the core theme.

'Vetasah' is a Sanskrit translation of 'Bamboo'. Our name "VETAS" is inspired by this particular word and most of the products are made up of bamboo itself. We all are pretty well cognizant that the almighty Sri Krishna plays flute which is a symbol of freedom (Pranava). Only a few of us might know what his flute was made of? that is bamboo. And the fact can not be neglected that Bamboo has been recognized as a symbol of luck.


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